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This website is dedicated to a higher dimensional Truth. An expansive reality which is currently unfurling right here on Planet Earth! Greetings my Beloveds, and welcome to the New Age...

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The Galactic Federation of Light

What is the Galactic Federation?

The Galactic Federation of Light is our community of higher dimensional family and friends, Angels, Ascended Masters and enlightened Galactic beings supporting humanity and planet Earth through the shift into 5D. The GF is comprised of many Star Nations. Starseeds from all over the Galaxy, and beyond, have incarnated on Earth at this time to help with this great work. 



What is a Starseed?

We are all Starseeds - multidimensional representatives of a collective higher consciousness. We are family, and we share the same dream: To work together and co-create a New Earth culture of Love and Light. We are the ground crew, here to assist in the birth of a new Star Nation: Earth Star Nation.


Earth Star Nation

What is Earth Star Nation?

ESN is a global spiritual project culminating in our eventual re-inaugeration into the GF.

I've begun outlining some shared dreams of how to structure a network of local charitable healing centres, art spaces and community hubs. Visible and trustworthy, safe places to go, with products and information. Organic food, alternative healthcare and personal ascension support.


Universal Alignment

What is a Universal Alignment?

Care in the community. Universal Alignment is the simplest of healing modalities and compassionate counsel. We are columns of Light. Bringing Heaven to Earth. Through guided meditation, we connect to Earth and Source - activating our primary function. Keep it simple! There is infinitely more but lets start by allowing Oneness before exploring the awesome complexity. Take 3 deeep breaths. And relax. We love you x


Ultimate Reality

What is Ultimate Reality?

An art project / exhibition. What is currently occurring on Planet Earth? Who are we, where we come from, what God and Soul and Quantum Physics and Dolphins and Pyramids have to do with the anxiety, panic and confusion (or bliss!) you maybe currently experiencing... The blistering truth neatly randomised into an in-exhaustive collection of info-graphic posters/cards.



What is Polymath?


William Reardon

Who is William Reardon?