Monumental Universal Thinking

New awesome waves of light are reflecting back to us from our own future. This light is revealing new levels of information about the magnitude of our current situation.

The universe works in cycles. Big explosive expansion, big implosive contraction. This is the breath of the universe. We are currently at the moment between the out breath and the in breath.

This is New Earth

There is a 'resistance' force of super strong lightworkers in every government, religious body and corporate entity waiting for a divinely orchestrated moment to take the reins just as the end appears to be nigh for us all. We're going to come out with a bang just for the sake of an excellent story to tell afterwards - it can be no other way.


Along with Lemuria, this mystical civilisation existed on Earth before the so-called 'fall of man'. Both were advanced civilisations flourishing on a higher vibration therefore existing outside our current idea of linear time.