This is New Earth

This is New Earth

This is New Earth and we're in charge now.

As the old world order system crumbles a new brighter reality is quickly taking shape.

Millions of citizens have woken up to Unity Consciousness and more are quickly awakening day by day as the Light of Love takes hold on this planet once more.

Not everyone has to experience the beautiful pain of this reality shifting heart opening process although all who so choose will in due course. However there are enough of us holding the light now to take charge of this situation for the benefit of all.

There is a 'resistance' force of super strong lightworkers in every government, religious body and corporate entity waiting for a divinely orchestrated moment to take the reins just as the end appears to be nigh for us all. We're going to come out with a bang just for the sake of an excellent story to tell afterwards - it can be no other way.

Soon we will have a benevolent government to supply the entire global population with basic universal income and put thousands of much needed humanitarian projects into full operation. Free energy technology, free water, shelter, healthy food and holistic medical attention for all will be available as we heal the pain, suffering, stress and anxiety we have all experienced throughout this long age of darkness.

Unity Consciousness is our natural awakened state. The old system was designed to suppress this innate individual power and those who have awoken before the dawn have suffered greatly on humanity's and Gaia's behalf as the heightened sensitivity that enlightenment brings is not an easy cross to bear in a sick and twisted society.

But 'the meek shall inherit the Earth'. There is an incredible strength to allowing yourself to feel vulnerable and the universe salutes you. The many blessings of the forthcoming New Age will be your reward for helping create this wonderful emerging paradigm just by holding on to the idea that things will get better soon. Dearest awakened ones, you have created this shift through your unwavering intent and obstinate belief throughout this darkest of nights. The higher realms are in awe of your incredible perseverance and ability to keep alight the seed of light within, this has been your only true mission and you have more than succeeded yourselves.

Our deepest praise and heartfelt gratitude goes out to you, for we are you and you are us. There is no separation. Thank you for co-creating the most glorious story the universe has ever seen - so far! And now for an extended rest period of true freedom and creativity where all your dreams (and so far beyond) will come true!

Heaven is yours. Blessings be! And so it is...

So many thanks again, limitless unconditional Love, and Light,

The Universe. (Via Will Reardon - Polymath)

I don't really channel - i just kind of made this up, hope that's OK? It is my understanding that I Am the universe, a little positive self talk never hurt anyone right?

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