Angels = ETs

Angels = ETs


Here are two wonderful synonymously equal and opposing culturally taboo concepts! Lets explore this fascinating juxtaposition with open-minded rational excitement.

Ancient Angels

Earth’s ancient texts and archeological remains are littered with evidence for interaction with higher beings from other realms.

Where are they now?

They are here! But as non-physical light beings. Until we attain a higher vibration we cannot easily interact with them. The time for reconnection is coming.


As humanity’s consciousness expands more people are practicing the art of meditative channelling. Channelled information reveals a universe teeming with kind and loving higher dimensional life.

Future Aliens

Highly evolved beings are helping us through a huge energetic transition towards a future far beyond our current imaginings. This is Planetary Ascension.

The Galactic Federation of Light is a community of beings (Angels and ETs from many star systems). These multi-dimensional beings of light are all fully conscious of their oneness and connection to source. 

Angels + ETs = Humans

We are ultimately decended from these enlightened celestial beings, and our destiny is to evolve into them. As we reconnect to universal consciousness we realise that we are they and they are us. We are all one family of love and light.


We are awakening to our divine galactic heritage.

There is nothing to fear, but in order to vibrationally ascend we must confront the uncomfortable untruths which have kept us in the dark.I offer this introductory information with loving intent.


The Shift

The Shift

Above Below

Above Below