Society (Image Download)

Society (Image Download)


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The shift is occurring whether we like it or not. It is occurring whether we are conscious of it or not. Our planet is moving into an area of higher vibration in the galaxy and universe. This higher resonance affecting our Sun. This is uplifting the energy of the Earth. This in turn is raising the frequency of our brainwaves. Our 3D reality is an illusion created by slowly vibrating energy, as this energy increases our reality is becoming more malleable. To avoid quickly manifesting our deepest fears we are now quickly awakening and choosing Heaven. A complete change of direction is currently underway! We’re going up.


The Mayans famously predicted this ‘end of time’. These Galactic humans had a deep understanding of universal cycles. Their religion of advanced astrological science enabled them to pin point the year 2012 as the pivotal moment. We are now witnessing the greatest release of compressed change the universe has ever seen.The future is in the eternal NOW. 


The increasing universal energy is mirrored in our society by the exponential development of technology. Without the spiritual wisdom to direct our creativity we have unwittingly placed ourselves in a dire situation. Our entire human history is ending. Luckily quantum physics and the internet have given us the scientific proof and means of communication to quickly allow our spiritual evolution to leap forward and catch up with our technological advancement. What an amazing story! Our story. With a happy ending. And a new beginning. LOVE.




History is bejewelled with those who have awoken and mastered themselves. Teachers like Buddha and Jesus, along with countless other lesser known messiahs. Also the many scientists, artists, musicians, and writers who devoted their lives to sharing the message. These trailblazers have consistently shown us the way towards peace, compassion, understanding, unity, creativity, forgiveness and love. Along with a message of universal oneness comes a prophecy of global awakening. A New Age of Love and Light, a Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. The promise of the eventual manifestation of universal law on this planet is the message the masters have always conveyed.


Incredibly this seems to be what is currently occurring. We are all awakening, becoming more conscious, and more aware. Today a huge alternative culture of higher consciousness is threatening the mainstream illusion of fear and control with a powerful new reality. The internet enables us to freely share to truth and knowledge. The universe is responding by showering us with increasing light. 


As enlightenment becomes the norm the global population will no longer necessitate divisive governmental systems. We will naturally live in accordance with universal law and create a new world of peace and love in harmony with our beautiful planet. When each person truly feels and understands that we are all part of an indivisible whole - we will no longer judge, let alone find cause to hurt or kill another. We will not even presume to control another in any way. We will be free. We will live in Love. LOVE.




The experience of 3 or 4 dimensions on this planet is a dualistic reality of pain, suffering, poverty and imbalance fuelled by greed and the illusion of separation. Power over others and feelings of insecurity and victimhood. Chemtrails, ecocide, addiction and mental illness. We collectively chose to experience this reality as part of our soul evolution. If we had not experienced war, fear or anxiety how could we appreciate peace, love and joy? We chose to experience the dark to greater appreciate the LIGHT that we truly are. All of this was just for fun.


The 5th dimension is a transcendent reality beyond duality. It is not a place. It is a vibrational frequency beyond the material realm. It is Love. A state of consciousness available to all.Traditionally referred to as the spirit world. Higher consciousness, unseen energies and higher beings. Metaphysics is the study of this magical other worldly information. Enlightenment is the human experience of 5D. Heaven is collective 5D reality.


As Earth shifts into the 5th dimension, everybody is awakening to a new understanding and appreciation of life. We are remembering who we are. We are remembering our connection to ourselves, each other and our beautiful planet. With a fully enlightened population we will naturally work together to build an amazing peaceful utopia. We will create Heaven on Earth.

Welcome to the New Age my beautiful friends! My family of Light. Love and blessings to you all!




Evolution is observable as a gradual process but history shows us that at certain times nature can take a huge and unexpected leap forward. A break-through moment may be thought of as a gradual build up against a blockage. When the dam breaks we experience a flood, despite the water source never being more than a constant trickle. On a human level, our lives tend to follow a similar pattern - a steady day-to-day process punctuated by occasional pivotal events. Like-wise a personal spiritual journey may be experienced as a continuous unfoldment peppered with significant experiences or even a singular decisive revelation. Many anticipate the Event but nobody really knows what is going to happen. A Jubilee is planned though. 


Earth has been experiencing a build up of energy as our Sun drifts into a grand cosmic alignment. This universal energy is felt individually as unconditional love. 


A wave of unconditional love will sweep the planet as a tipping point is reached. This Event will mark the beginning of our New Age and acceptance into the Galactic community. The birth of a new Starnation.


You may experience a flash of light in your head. You may find yourself on your knees as the universal wonder of everything floods into your heart rocking your world to the core. Or perhaps you’ll simply find a new warm and fuzzy appreciation for life. Maybe you won’t feel anything and look on in disbelief as the world changes around you. This huge change is obviously a positive thing, however as we release our attachment to materialism, negative thoughts, divisive ideologies and sensory addictions... a short period of chaos may ensue. These are our blockages - to be cleansed and washed away by the healing power of the pure unconditional cosmic energy of... LOVE.