Above = Below (Poster Print)

Above = Below (Poster Print)


Beautiful glossy Maxi poster print 91.5cm x 61cm

These prints are designed to fit perfectly into any standard 'Maxi' poster frame.

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Above = Below

Everything is a reflection of itself in our glorious holographic universe. The whole is in every part, just as all parts together create the whole.

The microcosm reflects the macrocosm and the extremes of opposing forces meet at a point of paradoxical unity. Natural order is a beautiful mindless flow of Love and co-operation. All nature works in perfect harmony, peace and abundance. All, except for humans on this planet.

With our free will we have chosen to separate ourselves from this natural state. We chose to experience, for a while, what it would be like to live outside the natural flow of life. This has been a valuable part of our evolution showing us the importance of listening to our inner wisdom and living within the laws of the universe.

In order to return to our natural state of peaceful and joyful living we must reflect the will of the universe inour daily lives. We must consciously live as ONE. Rather than basing our decisions on fear we must listen to our intuition, our higher selves. Tumultuous thoughts create a chaotic reality. The voice within speaks quietly of Peace and Love but to hear it we have to learn to turn off our incessant thoughts and worry. 

More evolved societies naturally choose to do this - on other planets in Space (Heaven).

We will now create a peaceful unity on this planet too by freely choosing to live according to the divine natural laws of the universe. Thus reflecting ‘Heaven on Earth’.

Peace within Peace without.