Everything = One (Poster Print)

Everything = One (Poster Print)


Beautiful glossy Maxi poster print 91.5cm x 61cm

These prints are designed to fit perfectly into any standard 'Maxi' poster frame.

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Everything = One

The central tenet of universal law, the oneness of everything is the ultimate truth. As Science and spirituality align humanity is both proving and beginning to instinctively accept this Theory of Everything. This understanding will naturally enable us to realise our collective dream of peace on earth. Any perception of separation is ultimately illusion. If we perceive no separation between each other we can co-exist in harmony. This is our natural awakened state.


All of life shares a universal loving consciousness, which inspires an advanced peaceful civilization. Humanity is evolving. A quantum leap in the evolution of consciousness which propells us forward into a future beyond our wildest dreams. We are reaching for the stars. We are remembering who we are. 

Oneness and the Infinite

The boundary containing everything is infinity elastic. From the highest perspective all existence is a singularity. We already accept this concept as a cyclical moment in time - big bang theory.From a timeless perspective the big bang is constantly happening. On a fundamental level we are all connected with each other and the universe via the eternal singular nature of everything. We are the universe.