Genius = Madness (Poster Print)

Genius = Madness (Poster Print)


Beautiful glossy Maxi poster print 91.5cm x 61cm

These prints are designed to fit perfectly into any standard 'Maxi' poster frame.

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Genius = Madness

Genius = enlightenment

The word genius, similar to inspiration, traditionally implies a connection to the divine. Whether described as a guiding spirit or innate talent, creative genius involves an intelligent aspect beyond the mind. True genius is a conscious connection to source energy. In a society where spiritual knowledge is mistrusted, those awakening to the genius within will naturally be misunderstood. Modern health care has no understanding of the divine therefore treats patients for mental problems when the person is actually having a spiritual experience.

Mental Health

The anxiety, confusion, stress and depression we collectively experience are all symptoms of being disconnected from our natural inner power source. Delusional, bipolar, manic depressive and schizophrenic are labels we use describe the symptoms of a person awakening to ultimate reality. In perfect accordance with the paradoxical nature of duality we have created have a system which both enslaves us and reveals universal truths.

As we embrace the insanity of these new age ideas we begin to appreciate those currently institutionalised or chemically suppressed as our saints and saviours. Awakening to your own higher dimensional self is not a mental disorder. The seers, visionaries, shamans and healers we desperately need to balance our sick society are the natural enemies of a system created to suppress individual empowerment. Like a modern day witch hunt, those with the genius to save us all from the madness of modernity are themselves branded insane.