Society (Poster Print)

Society (Poster Print)


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Science and religion in their unsullied forms are positive endeavours which can provide a framework to help us understand and function in the world. Science is the study of nature and aims to determine the laws of the universe. Religion is a collective spiritual understanding which brings meaning to material existence.Both pursuits attempt to explain reality. Religion starts from God and works down trying to explain 3D reality. Science starts from 3D reality and works upwards trying to answer the universal mysteries. Our best minds at play within a rich and limitless world of wonder. What could possibly go wrong? 


The twin pillars of our interface with reality have been controlled and institutionalised in such a way to deny us a connection to source. Media-endorsed science denies the non-physical. Religion demands an intermediary between you and God. Metaphysics has been branded pseudoscience. The personal spiritual experience is heretical madness. This restricted viewpoint is all we hear from our media, in our classrooms and regurgitated by society. The keepers of our perennial wisdom have been systematically destroyed and denounced.

But the systems are crumbling... And a phoenix is rising.


In a perfectly paradoxical divine twist Quantum Physics has proven the veracity of humanity’s timeless spiritual understanding. As we collectively awaken we will naturally adopt a new transcendent science of unified spirituality.


This unifying concept embodies the complimentarily opposing paradoxical dualistic reality which the theory itself over-rides. Unity consciousness. Forever in the eternal now.




Maverick scientists exploring realities which threaten the status quo are naturally debunked by government controlled education and media. We are conditioned to accept a limited reality despite evidence to the contrary. Ultimately there can be no proof other than personal instinctual feeling in a universe composed entirely of consciousness. Those presenting evidence which contradicts the established point of view are often branded pseudoscientists. This means that if you are interested in a wider reality beyond the blinkered mainstream interpretation one needs look no further than the pseudosciences. 


Another label for those sharing information which the establishment finds uncomfortable is conspiracy theorist. The label allows the media to discredit evidence by default. Of course we all know that politicians lie and work for their own betterment. We all know that religion is a control mechanism used to divide and control us. We recognise that the establishment must primarily seek to retain its own power. If the system is a lie, then the opposite of what they say must be true. So lets explore what the so-called conspiracy theorists are saying as this information is neatly flagged for us by the conspirators themselves.


Rather than contradicting one another the findings of pseudoscience and conspiracy theory gel together to form a wonderful and complete jigsaw puzzle of simplistic complexity.

The central themes? UFO cover ups, government media manipulation, a global elite ruling class, a history of alien interaction and advanced ancient technologies. A new age of higher consciousness. A rediscovery of lost knowledge. An incredible truth beyond our
wildest imaginings. We are awakening from a collective dream.




The system or matrix is an outward reflection of our limited, controlling, egoic mind. We have naturally collectively manifested a government (literally govern-ment - mind control) to enforce our sense of powerlessness during this period of forgetful slumber. This protective safety net has relieved us of the responsibility which comes from awakening to our true potential. This has been a natural part of our evolution but we are now breaking free of the need for governance as we crack through the shell of our egos to reveal the infinite truth, power and LOVE within our hearts and souls. We are divine beings of light.


We cannot blame the dark forces pulling the strings of government. They have played a vital role in our ascension by clearly showing us that they do not have our best interests at heart. Nor do they care for the Planet. Much information is available on the dastardly perpetrations of those we allow to control us but if we fight the system we continue to feed it. Better to stop believing in it. There is a need to be aware of the extent the foul play but we have to rise above it. Share Love, not fear.


Eventually we will have a society without need for money or government. In the interim we will have a benevolent world government - with similar universal ideas to the original US constitution. A true socialist communism basically. All very simple and scientific, we will create a Heaven on Earth with philosophical and spiritual leadership. With unity consciousness we will heal our illusory divisions and share a new technological golden age. We are one family and we all want the same thing - Peace. And LOVE.




In these paradoxical times of endings and new beginnings is it not befitting for material science to have found evidence for a deeper spiritual reality beyond the 3D world? The solidity of the world we perceive with our senses is an illusion created by our consciousness from a unified field of limitless creative potential. In searching for the smallest building blocks of our material reality science has lifted the veil to a deeper truth of infinitely holographic, perfectly random ordered energetic chaos. Metaphysics is the new arena of scientific progression. The philosophical wisdom and spiritual teachings of this world are an exploration and cohesive explanation of consciousness.


Individual awakening to spiritual truth and universal consciousness will lead to a new collective understanding. A new understanding of ourselves as part of a connected divine oneness. This collective and individual quantum shift is currently occurring on this planet, and not a moment too soon. The collective conscious has been digesting the implications of quantum physics for around 100 years. A tipping point has been reached. There will no longer be any concept of separation between ideologies: religious, national, racial, political, class, wealth, education, background. The era of divisive and controlling forces is over. We are Free! 


A new theory of everything based on self evident universal truths will allow us to create a new human endeavour combing the structured rational framework of science with the core spiritual ethics of religion. As a grand celebration of peace and unity, quantum physics bridges the gap between Heaven and Earth. The workings of the subatomic world transcend scientific method and prove the validity of a mysterious and divine, infinite and connected, spiritual universal reality.

Science and Religion are One. Everything is One. WE ARE ONE. Peace.