What is this Shift?

There are so many ways of describing what's going on... Words are not enough. This is shift is multidimensional! Our understanding will evolve as new revelations come to light. Any overview will naturally be pretty useless. My intention is to provide an incomplete overview in the hope that it will somehow be useful.

Reading through the above, which now sounds like utter bollocks, I'm doubting my skills in translating this metaphysical information into simple language...

One way of thinking about the shift is that we are entering an area of high vibrational energy - as a planet, moving through the galaxy... Another idea is that we are at the crux point of universal expansion, we will now start heading back towards the big bang / singularity. Perhaps the whole universe is going through a bit of an evolution.

The only thing we can be really sure of is that the world is being suffused with one hell of a lot of heavenly light. Light, Energy, Love - same difference... Supposedly our solar system is coming into alignment with the central sun of our revolutionary cluster (Alcyone in the Pleiadies), the great central central sun of the galaxy and the central universal axis point.  So through this alignment we are receiving huge amounts of energy directly from the centre of the universe.

This energy is affecting our vibration, lifting our thoughts from the illusory limitations we impose on ourselves and bringing us to a new understanding and valuing of life.

Peaceful and enlightened states of mind will become the norm for humanity after a period of chaos and confusion. This new Universal Consciousness will enable us to build an awesome new peaceful and fulfilling future. This new beginning has already started beyond the non-truth currently masquerading as news. Media discernment is key.

As we go through this monumental shift in consciousness you'll likely experience some serious fear and anxiety. I know I have!

Along with regular tasters of bliss, calm, excitement and astonishment at the beauty and infinite magnitude of what's going on, there are also many periods of confusion, fear, depression and anxiety. All the crap of our lives is coming up to be dealt with at this time. We have to release and let go and that can be a very painful experience. We are attached so firmly to our 3D reality. But we have to rise above any tension or negative feeling. These feelings highlight the discrepancy between our illusiory thoughts and the ultimate reality of our souls which is eternal bliss.

Emotions are our compass - Creativity is joy. Worry is suffering. Connection to each other, the Earth and ourselves is happiness and peace. Disconnection is confusion and depression.

Nothing more is required of you other than to rise above the bad vibes, ride these waves. Stop. Calm yourselves. Every time. Over and over again. Feel the fear, rise above it. Practice makes perfect!

Stop thinking. Just chill. Stop doing. Just relax. When you feel like it (after relaxing) do something creative just for fun - this will lift your mood. It's going to be OK. It's going to be amazing! Meditation is advised (The art of turning your tired and confused brain off). The higher dimensions demand a calm clarity of mind. Your over analytical, stressed out and disbelieving mind is your ego - the ego is not who you are. You are the being having the thoughts. You are not your thoughts. The ego is the shell we have to crack through to find our true selves. Our true selves are divine galactic beings, consciously aware of our connection to the Universe and oneness with Everything.

I am aware that this supposed overview has turned into some kind of self help article. There is information here but as with your own soul journey - its a big chaotic mess to be experienced rather than logically understood. 

Peace, Love and Unity. xXx